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Somme things to do

Some sight-seeing tips to enjoy the beauty of the area.

A wonderful region to explore

Our bed and breakfast house and our self-catering cottage are located between Amiens and Villers-Bretonneux, off the 1029 road. It is an ideal location to visit the Somme battlefields as well as the many memorials.

This area is within Picardy, highly reputed for its historic heritage, castles, cathedrals and its preverved wildlife. So much to enjoy for everyone.

The bay of the Somme

The seaside and its bird sanctuary : the Marquenterre
63 miles away off motorway A16 between Calais and Amiens.


The prehistoric village of Samara, a comprehensive exploration of celtic culture, ideal for children.


The underground city of Naours, 20 miles away, is a network of cellars and underground corridors beneath the village of Naours. But it also tells you much about local History since the Middle Ages.


The castle of Rambures 47 miles away off motorway A29 between Rouen and Amiens.


The Valloires Gardens 57.5 miles away off motorway A16 between Calais and Amiens.


The cathedral of Amiens is one of the most beautiful gothic buildings in the World. Its lights-show, from 15th/06 to 17th/09 and from 01st/12 to 01st/01, represents the medieval colours of the facade.

The “Hortillonnages” are wonderful floating gardens. You can visit them on foot all year round, or on little skiffs from 01st/04 to 31st/10.

A flight over the Battlefields : with the flight-club of Picardie-Amiens. Have a quick look at the route with photos taken from the plane. The 30-minute flight costs 150 euros for two people if you book from our place.

Visit the historic mansion of Jules Verne, a trip into the author’s fantasy world.

The Museum of Picardy, one of the most beautiful local museums in France.

The Clos Alexandre is a botanical and landscape garden designed and grown by a family of garden-lovers in Amiens.

The Zoo of Amiens features elephants, sea-lions, lemurs, red pandas, only a few steps from the centre of Amiens. Watch the video.

Remembrance Trail.

The “Remembrance Trail” is an extensive website about the Somme battlefields and their places of interest related to the first World War.


Stroll about Blangy-Tronville, our little village, and its protected marshland. Then, take the tow-path along the Somme to the lock of Lamotte-brebière, and its MELBA café. You can also take a walk as far as Amiens (7 miles).

Horseback riding.

Ride along the Somme Valley on horseback.


Australian Museum and John Monash Memorial.

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